??? is a mysterious figure that no one has ever seen or even been near. ??? is thought to be the leader of a powerful cult. It is actually named the Gajorian Empire. It does not directly own territory, except for a small planet, though it is thought to influence several nations, maybe even the Sciotic Empire...

Childhood Edit

??? is known to have grown up in the Sciotic Empire during Scion's evil uncle's regime. His parents were high ranking resistance fighters, but both died in war. ??? hated the orphanage he went to so he ran away and found friends, castaways like him. They formed the cult in its first form.

Adulthood Edit

??? enlarges his cult to about 10000 by the time he is 23. He begins to manipulate nations and succeeds. The Gajorian Empire made a small, life full planet its HQ.


His presumed appearance, in head gang robes.