Daikon is the current president of the Daigotu Star Cluster.

Purpose for Creation Edit

Long ago, Fakegee wanted to make a life form that would destroy Weegee and end his Anti-Fakegee speeches. He was thinking about making it a Fakegee, but he decided not to, as Weegee and his guard would know who would have sent it. So Fakegee decided to create a genetically engineered human, so that it was easier for him to control it. Fakegee would accelerate the clone's body so it would take a very long time to grow. It would have taken just a year, but something went wrong and this human was trapped in the cloning capsule for two years. When Fakegee had been away, the construct escaped the creation chamber and flew away.

Death Edit

While preventing the destruction of X-0000 during the Trolliversal War, Daikon made the order to smash into an Dadeemeeic capital ship in order to prevent Dadeemee from dying. This caused the Kee'Jodian cruiser Daikon was on to be consumed by the Nexus Gate portal, leading to his supposed death. A funeral was held for him in the re-established capital of the Kee'Jod Republic, and Myiamo, was elected leader as leader of the republic.

Faction Edit

He created his own government, the Kee'Jod Republic. The Republic's army is The Daikon Army.

Allies Edit

Here are Daikon's Allies:

  1. The Yingor
  2. Daigees
  3. Alphaweegee's Army
  4. NourGodly1592 Army
  5. Gabgee's Army

Enemies Edit

Here are his enemies:

  1. Fakegee
  2. Weegee
  3. The Vyborgitron *This page was imported from Weegeepedia with slight alterations*