Freegee is an odd fakegee. He hates Spongebob for some reason, and is also rivals with Moar Krabs. He is very powerful now, but was very weak during his early days due to his lack of combat experience. He is a friend of Weegee, Nanite, and MamaLuigi22. The origin of Freegee is unknown.

Now Edit

In present years, Freegee has managed to grow out of obscurity and rise above the ranks of other generic Fakegees. He purchased his own planet in the Andromeda galaxy, and later expanded his rule to an entire star cluster. He is the ruler of Freegee's Star Cluster, and commands a powerful fleet. He is almost always seen in his toon form, and is currently trying to expand his empire. He is also the founder and leader of the E.S.D.W, an elite organization dedicated to protecting Weegee and destroying his enemies. Freegee has recently allied with Scion, and is fighting with him in the Trolliversal War II.

Personality Edit

Freegee is usually nice to his friends, but is very brutal and evil to his enemies, especially on the battlefield. He loves war and will try to start one whenever possible. He is often called a warmonger by other people. He used to be pretty easy-going, until he and his friends were nearly destroyed by powerful mysterious weegees. Since his origin is unknown, he doesn't remember anything past a few years ago. He hates any anti-Weegee or Weegee hater and will destroy them on sight.

Powers Edit

Teleportation- standard fakegee power.

Camoflage- can match his surroundings perfectly.

Energy Blast- can launch a ball of powerful energy from his hand.

Freegee Punch- when he punches someone, they have a 39% chance of being teleported away from Freegee. He uses this when he is retreating.

Trivia Edit

  • Freegee's favorite foods are pizza and spaghetti
  • Freegee has his own wiki:
  • Freegee is one of the few people to know that Natural News is not actually accurate.
  • He uses his Commander Freegee form more often then even his base form.