The United Kingdom of Finnittania is a British like nation that is smaller than The Sciotic Empire. They are enemies with The Sciotic Empire due to betrayal in the Sackiverse Outbreak. The flag obviously resembles the United Kingdom's, and it was formerly ruled by Scion's Enemy called Finngee. The Current ruler Anime Finn made Finnittania stronger than before, having a massive group of Mechanized Walkers on his military. Scion is trying to improve the relations with Finnittania, and the Alliance of Nations will soon vote on whether to consider Finnittania an official enemy.

UFK Flag

Lands Ruled: Edit

The Finnlaxy, which contains the Finn Cluster (Which makes the Finnlaxy the Finnittanian equivalent of England and Ireland

3/8 of Finn's Galaxy (Which makes it a Finnittanian equivalent of Ireland)

Allies: Edit

Armagetian Kingdom


Democratic Union of Norish

United Jakeling Commonwealth

Awesominia (TBD)

Empire of Slingania

Sciotic Empire (TBD)