*Bolded Rules are most important*

These are the rules of this wiki. Breaking most of them will result in first a warning, then a one day block, after that a five day/one week block, a one month block, and finally a one year/infinite block. The Rules are:

  1. No Spamming
  2. No Swearing (censoring is allowed)
  3. No inappropriate content (such as nude photos)
  4. Don't harass users
  5. Use good grammar
  6. Don't bother other wikis
  7. Don't make pages not involving the main characters of this wiki
  8. Don't make pointless pages that add nothing to the wiki (like a generic character)
  9. Admins, Chat moderators, or any other higher users-don't abuse your power
  10. Don't act like an admin if you are not one-don't be bossy
  11. No Sock-puppetry