Scion is the beginner of the great Kerius Dynasty. He is Emperor of the Sciotic Empire and the Commander in Chief of the Imperial Sciotic Army. His main friends are Mr. McMarty and Stick-Figureegee. He is frenemies with Weegee. He hates Finngee and wants to destroy the United Democratic Federation of Finnittania. His official title is Emperor Scius I. He likes the nickname Scion better, though.


  • Strength above normal human strength: Scion is a bit stronger than most humans, partly because he is a gee and partly because he trains regularly.
  • Short Range Teleportation: Scion can teleport like most gees, but not very far.
  • Spike attack: The spike on Scion's arm has a purpose. It can shoot thorns at enemies, which are like tiny arrows.
    Scion Zeta Final Scion2

    Scion Zeta. This is the current version of Scion.