The Sciotic Empire is Scion's huge empire. It is currently the third biggest empire in the Trolliverse. Its government is a Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. It is currently at its zenith. Its first mortal emperor was Emperor Zerius I, and its current emperor is Emperor Scius I. Scion started the rule that the prince of the Scion Empire is also King of Ziruia. The Sciotic Empire is one of the most oil rich nations in the Trolliverse, and many Western Trolliversean nations rely on the Sciotic Empire for oil. The most oil rich territories are the Radiantverse and the Spore Galaxy.

Lands Ruled: Edit

Scioticverse (Has 16 galaxies)

Kio Galaxies (3 galaxies)

Scio Asteroid Belt

Stupid Stick Universe (Really a planet)



3/4 of the Arlic Universe

Xanthria Mega-Galaxy

Spore Galaxy
New Sciotic Flag

Allies: Edit

Kiusgeean Empire

Stick-Figureegee Kingdom

Martyian Federal Republic


The United Stars of Finnterica

Diamond Universe (Pinkgee's)

Angry Ball Kingdom


Sir. Fancypig Army

Donkeyland (Ruled by intelligent Donkeys)

Gitcharian Republic

Hawnry Star Cluster

Enemies: Edit

Blue Tsardom

Armageddon Kingdom

Intergalactic Republic of Finnittania (TBD)

United Geeish Republic (Dadeemee's)


Empire of Slingania

Democratic Union of Norish

Confederate Stars of Finnterica (Because they are a threat to their ally that recently gained independence from Finnittania.)

Partial Allies/Enemies: Edit

United 'Gees Universe


Centinid Republic (For trading goods)

Major Political Parties: Edit

Democratic Party (Liberal and slightly socialist ideals, largest party)

Blue Party (Moderate Liberal Party dedicated to spreading peace)

Conservative Party (Conservative ideals, against Arlic independence)