Ugly Joe is this weirdo that lives on the capital planet of the Sciotic Empire in a crumbling old well on a field. He is very dumb and does very dumb things, like egging his own well, trying to eat pavement, and trying to kiss water. He is also extremely ugly. He is a pest to Scion. Ugly Joe died several times when Scion couldn't stop him. Scion revives him when he dies due to feeling sympathy for him. But when he died for the fifth time, Scion gave up on reviving him because Scion knew he would die too many times. But glitch water somehow got on him. He is now a glitch. He is the current president of the Glitcharian Republic and is head of the Coalition of Good Glitches.

Ugly Joe

He's so Ugly it had to be censored...

Pixel Ugly Joe Seen

Ugly Joe after the glitch incident.