The United Geeish Nations is Dadeemee's vast republic. Its predecessor was the Dadeemeeic Empire. It is a Sciotic enemy and has been for a long time. One presidential term here is 5 years, and you are allowed 2 terms. The prime minister of this nation has more power then the president does. This nation does not conquer often. It lets nations join it.

Lands Ruled Edit


Galorio Universe

Hilo Cluster

Raix Star Cluster

Rai Planet


lsra Mini-Clusters

Meelgee's Galaxy

ZX Star System

Zeronian Star Cluster

Allies: Edit

Centinid Republic

Republic of Iridrea


Tzeermee Empire

Kee'Jod Republic

Galio Star Systems

Daikongeemeean Star System

Dadee Flag 2.0

The (possibly) temporary flag.